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Default Re: My little lady just had hoglets ... Worries

One of my first time moms did the same exact thing. I was also worried so I called my mentor and fellow breeder about my concerns. She told me this is sometime normal for first time moms and even longtime moms. For about the first week they eat and drink very little because they are consumed with do their motherly duty. After about two or three days of barely eating my mommy finally came out and gorged on food and water and used the potty then went right back in with her babies. My opinion based on my experience is to just watch and check in on her to see if she has eaten or drank for the next day or so. If after the second day she still hasnt ate or drank you may want to call your vet and discuss the situation with them. I wish you the best of luck I know we worry nonstop with out first time mommies and babies .
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