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My female hedgie , Critter, just had her first batch of babies. When we went to change her food on October 2 we discovered 4 babies along side her. They seem to be fine, they are squeaking and crawling around inside the nest and critter seems to be getting around fine. She is very protective over them so we leave them alone, i just occasionally check on her to see if she has food and water and that her litter is clean, but i do not disturb the nest. Yesterday she was eating lots and used her litter a couple of times but today she has NOT eaten or drank anything (or very very little) and it doesnt look like her litter has been used. I was just worried that she may not be getting what she needs to produce milk for the babies, maybe this is normal, but i have done tons of research and cannot find anything online. i am VERY worried about the little guys they seem so helpless. I love the little ones soo much already and she is a new mom, i just want them all to be okay. Any help / advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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