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opalis141 02-16-2015 05:09 PM

Dome/CHE compatibility?
Hi all, I'm going to be a new hedgie owner on Sunday! I have searched the forum and am still unsure about this so I was hoping someone could help me out:

The place I am getting my girl from sent me home with a Zilla Light and Heat Reflector Dome, they also sent me home with the wrong bulb for the little one (a moonlight reptile bulb). I would like to get the correct set-up all set for her and buy a CHE. I was wondering is it safe to use a CHE with this dome? Or do I have to buy a new dome as well (which I would like to avoid if possible since I already own this one). Any help is really appreciated!

This forum has been a wonderful resource in preparing a new home for her!

lilsurfergrlsp 02-16-2015 10:34 PM

Yes, I've used that dome before and it works well. As long as it has a ceramic socket (which it should), it'll work just fine with the CHE. How big is the dome, though? Depending on the size of your cage, a dome with either 8.5 or 10 inches is best :)

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