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TheSmellyHedgie 11-13-2013 12:03 AM

Heating in the winter
Hey hedgie fanciers,
I am fantasizing about the possibility of getting a hedgehog soon and i've been planning for the off chance I do get one. I was wondering do you need a thermostat or does the temperature not fluctuate a lot with CHE'S? I would rather spend the money on making my cage nicer (buying extra fleece) but if its a mandatory item ill spend a bit less on the cage (I have around $250 for the cage and supplies).

The hypothetical hedgehog owner :)

Annie&Tibbers 11-13-2013 12:26 AM

Yes, you'll need a thermostat. It regulates the temperature, turning the CHE off and on as needed. Without one, the CHE is always going full-tilt, burning the bulb out sooner, and always heating the cage even when not necessary (potentially over-heating your tiny friend).

For us north of the border, it seems like not a whole lot of pet shops carry them, and shipping from the US is always a pain. Check out Pets & Pond as a Canadian mail-order company with decent prices.

While you're doing research, have you come across this awesome book?

TheSmellyHedgie 11-13-2013 08:14 AM

Thanks for the quick response :) I haven't come across a book I've been researching through the web and watching youtube videos (snowdrophedgie). Thanks for the website ill check it out later today.

Chihirolee3 11-13-2013 01:45 PM

http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/fi.../download.html This is Lizardgirl's book. It's the most recent, accurate book you're going to find anywhere. This is a very valuable resource that many users on this website use (and have).

Also, I have a few questions....how hot is your home over the winter? What do you heat your home with?

TheSmellyHedgie 11-13-2013 03:51 PM

We have a heater/air conditioner in our basement (our house is new so there are no radiators). The temperature is around 21-23 Celsius in the winter.

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