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angela_lightfoot 04-29-2020 02:22 AM

New hog mom: heating anxiety
So I just (yesterday) got my hog, Florence, from a family friend whose son thought she was too "boring". They didn't really take good care of her (not great food, way too small cage, no heating, etc.).

We're waiting for all of the parts to arrive for her C&C cage we are making, and right now we have her in her previous owners small cage with a CHE lamp (the awful red kind was all we could find for now) and a digital thermometer (not connected together).

I've been terribly anxious about temperature since I got her (and our good thermometer that connects to the lamps won't be here until Sunday). The temps haven't been getting too cold, but on the upper end they've been at 78-82 degrees F.

I know it's kind of warm but will she be okay like this until Sunday? I've always dealt with anxiety, but this is something completely new! If you read this all, thanks for hanging on during my new-hog-mom induced panic..

tldr: new hedgie, will she be okay with max temps of 78-82 F until her full heating set up arrives Sunday?

Kalandra 04-29-2020 06:08 PM

Based on the location you listed in your profile I'm going to bet you don't need a heating setup right now at all. Check the temperature with the heating setup turned off. Is it between 72-75? If yes, then you'll be fine for now. While heat setups are nice as it is easier to monitor and keep a cage warm, you can just keep the whole room warm enough so that the cage is within safe temperatures and be fine.

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