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Brooke Lancelot 04-21-2019 07:00 AM

Ok I got the Dome today and it works. I inserted the lamp and its doing good.
Bad thing is that I don't have a thermostat. So I'll need to regulate the temperature manually.
The bloody dome cost R450 and the thermostat costs R750. We didn't have enough money for both so I got the dome and next month I can get the thermostat.
We couldn't get coroplast, so I'm using Tinfoil.
Who's got any tips?

Brooke Lancelot 04-21-2019 07:44 AM

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Kay here's the cage with the tinfoil

Ria 04-21-2019 07:56 AM

Looks okay, the shiny side is it facing into the cage on 2 sides ?? Also if you find its making it too warm just poke holes in around the tin foil or take a bit off, one the sides.
Or if theres not enough light getting into the cage anymore just take off the tin foil on one side that will give it that light.

You could probably get away with not having the che on all the time too, otherwise it will be dangerous, you'll need someone who can always check on the temp as you dont have the thermostat yet.

Brooke Lancelot 04-21-2019 08:30 AM

Both sides of the tinfoil is shiny, says my mom. So we just put it on randomly.
The top is open, all sides are closed. If it gets too hot I'll poke holes or remove a piece. Thank you!
And I'm at home the whole time, I'll have to set a timer on my phone for the night that I just check on the temperature in the cage every hour or two. He's in the bed through the day, and the bed is cozy and warm, so he'll do fine through the day. Its the night that I'm worried about.
I'll make alarms to wake me up and check on the cage through the night.

Ria 04-21-2019 08:53 AM

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You could probably put it in for an hour and then the tin foil will hold the heat.

With tin foil theres one dull side and one shiny side. In the photo it looks like the shiny is on the outside.
Generally when you have it in the roll back, the top is shiny and the bottom is the dull.
Really you need two with the shiny on the inside and two with the dull on the inside and it'll balance its self.

Lol I'm a catering student so and we use tin foil for all sorts of things and Know a lot about it and ways to use it😂 Sad I know.
But yea you can tell which side is which with a light too, the shiny side will reflect the light and shine a lot the other side thats dull wont reflect the light very much, so its not shiny.

Emc 04-21-2019 09:26 AM

What wattage is the CHE you're using? Because it's unregulated, you need to make sure it's kept at a safe distance. Here's a chart as an example. They get very, very hot very, very quickly and relying on manual control is not enough. Checking on the temperature every 1-2 hours is also not enough. They can heat to full capacity in 5 minutes, and can get over 30 degrees C and literally cook your hedgehog.

Until you can regulate it correctly with a thermostat, it needs to be checked regualarly and placed at a safe distance.

Aj.t 04-21-2019 11:49 AM

You might try a DIY stand to prop the bulb up a bit, so, like Emc said, it doesn’t get TOO hot. With that being said, it’s not a completely unreasonable idea (though I’m sure someone will say it is) to turn it off when you’re sleeping as long as you don’t sleep for like 12 hours haha. Since these guys are so active at night, they’re naturally going to have warmer body temperatures from the activity, and if your house is still warm, he should be perfectly fine. Then, in the morning, you can just flip it on and it’ll be good to go in 2-5 minutes. Just an idea 🙂

Ria 04-21-2019 12:03 PM

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With the tin foil what Aj't said will work well, just have it on for like 2-3 mins before you go to bed, and then put him in with the lamp off then in the morning is should still be fine because the tin foil will have bounced the temp around the cage a lot through the night, and then if the temp is low just put it on for 2 mins and it'll re warm.

Having it on a stand a little more above the cage will also work well.

Brooke Lancelot 04-21-2019 03:56 PM

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I've had it on for quite a while now, and the temperature on the thermometer is still lower than 20C.
Should I turn it off now or keep it on till its at the right temperature?
And bad thing about my house is that its never warm on the inside.

Aj.t 04-21-2019 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by Brooke Lancelot (Post 1072578)
I've had it on for quite a while now, and the temperature on the thermometer is still lower than 20C.
Should I turn it off now or keep it on till its at the right temperature?
And bad thing about my house is that its never warm on the inside.

What does ‘never warm’ mean? Like give me some temperatures... and I’ll do my best to do the C to F conversion lol

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