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Brooke Lancelot 04-16-2019 10:23 AM

Hello, ok, so I bought the Ceramic Heat Lamp as told, but I was told not to cover the cage in tinfoil to keep the heat in
Now I put it on a few times and, it just doesn't seem to heat the cage. Just heat around it. So the heat escaped through the bars.

I put it off and placed a blanket over the cage instead but that trick won't work in the dead of winter, so what else am I suppose to do?

Also, how hot can the temperature go to? Since I only got the lamp, and I don't have it connected to a thermostat to regulate the temperature, and my thermometer is on its way.
If I do end up putting tinfoil up, it won't catch fire or cook my hedgehog alive right?

Ria 04-16-2019 10:45 AM

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Tinfoil can be put in a oven its very common to cover foods for roasting to bounce the heat back to the meat - helps it cook. It wont cook your hedgehog if you have the thermostat regulating the temp and keep it a decent temp that he likes.

Heat lamps on their own can get very hot. I wouldnt use it without a thermostat.

Basically if you cover some bars at the top (not too many about half the bars but try to dot have it both sides) and then cover some bars on the side, again not to many and try have them spread out, on the sides.
Make sure the shiny side is facing inside, then it will bounce the heat that tries to leave back into the cage which will actually heat the cage.
It will only get as hot as the rest of cage. And it wont burn.
Heat tends to rise, so if you make sure on the sides theres some near the top it will help too.

The only other option is getting something something like plastic and putting it over the bars - would be better on the side if you can fix it there which will keep it going out the side and then having a little tinfoil near the bars where the che is to bounce more heat the rises up and out back into the cage

I've had tinfoil on bars by the che both sides before, as her holiday cage has bars at the top of the cage with quit large gaps, so to keep the heat in better I put the tinfoil there it worked great. It was her temporary cage before that I had it there for a fair few months, I replaced the tinfoil sometimes too.

Blankets are going to catch on fire if they get left to close to the che for to long. Where as the tinfoil wont.

Brooke Lancelot 04-16-2019 11:21 AM

If I do get the thermostat, is there a way for me to connect it do the lamp or should I buy it connected?

I'll buy tinfoil and go with your idea. I'll cover the top and some of the sides.

Ria 04-16-2019 11:27 AM

The thermostat should have a bit that you plug the lamp into and then you plug the thermostat into the mains.

Aj.t 04-16-2019 11:33 AM

If you don’t end up with a thermostat, just off center the lamp so that it’s not in the middle of the enclosure. This will make it more of a hot aide cool side in case Igor does get too hot, he can move over to the cooler side of his house. Thermostats aren’t expensive though, and if you live in the US which I think you said you did, Chewy.com usually has the best, cheapest, and fastest shi

Brooke Lancelot 04-16-2019 01:54 PM

Nope, I live in South Africa. Here everything's pricey. But I'll definitely go check at the local reptile shop and ask for a thermostat I can lock in with the lamp and go from there, thank you!

Brooke Lancelot 04-16-2019 03:19 PM

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Question, since I can't use the Heat Lamp really, yet. Can I make a warm water bottle and put it in the cage for him to lay on, or put it under his blankets? Or is it gonna be dangerous?

Its currently 13C and its gonna get as low as 4C so I just wanna make sure he's warm enough.

Ria 04-16-2019 03:19 PM

I agree with Aj.t with off centring the lamp. As long you've got a thermometer you (or other people in the house) can check the temp of cage and just switch off the lamp for half an hour depending how high it is, let it cool a little then go back and turn it on if its cooled enough.

It would be less work if you can get a thermostat, even if you do this for a little while to save up to get a thermostat.
You'll know whats defiantly too hot for him as he'll start splatting to cool down - this is also where not having fleece works better as it lets them regulate their own temps better too. Like some days Holly has less bedding in her bed where shes too hot (mainly through summer) and then in the winter I find more bedding in her bed to keep her that bit warmer that she feels she needs.

Some hedgehogs are better that others. But this is also where offering a cool side can help in situations where theres no thermostat. You still need to keep an eye that doesn't get too cold.

Brooke Lancelot 04-16-2019 03:23 PM

Yes, it isnt centered, so I guess he can already use it like that.

I might look into that carefresh bedding you use. It looks fun, for burrowing and temperature, like you said. We're gonna go look for a thermostat Friday, so, depending on how much it costs, I might get it. Im getting my thermometer at Friday too, so for now I need to use my hand to feel.

Aj.t 04-16-2019 03:30 PM

The water bottle is actually a great trick to use as a last minute type of thing. Just heat the water up and put it in the bottle, then cover the bottle in a rag or fleece or the likes. As long as it’s not like boiling water you shouldn’t have any issues with burning

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