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Originally Posted by ShutUpAndSmile
I don't think the big mealies would eat the babies. Maybe I'll go get that later :P It would make cleaning easier too
Do you put anything in with the aliens? o.O like just some oatmeal?
And worst comes to worst I can put the baby ones in this and keep the older ones in the big container that I already have. :3
I put a bran layer in my alien bin and a bit of paper towel so if they emerge as a beetle upside down they have something to grab onto

Like mentioned already...you can use a small bin for the aliens cause they don't move around or eat. I would go grown worms, beetles and babies in the drawers and put the aliens in the container you have now. I root thru my grown worms all the time with a plastic fork looking aliens & for those that just shed for Hazel to eat so I worry I could damage or kill tiny babies doing that so often.
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