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When I separate the aliens I usually do have some oats in there. They don't eat or drink but that way there is something for when the beetles emerge, my alien container is smaller than the rest since there is no movement and I take the beetles as they emerge. You don't have to separate but I like to ensure nothing happens to the aliens and so that the eggs aren't messed up. I find that one of the benefits is you can control the stages and sizes of the mealworms better. I put my beetles on new bedding from time to time and keep the old container and their old bedding. Within a few weeks the bedding will be moving from the eggs that hatched. It keeps the mealworms spaced out. I usually feed the bigger mealworms so it helps out a lot. If I get to many aliens I feed those and do the same to keep the beetle population constant. I have a few different containers but if you are looking for a nice quick at home solution you can always use an old margarine container, they work really good too and you can punch or drill holes in the lid
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