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Default Re: What is your hedgies favorite foods?

*sigh* Let me think... Carlos has self-anointed with chicken, and cilantro, and lettuce, and spinach... he has completely ignored hard-boiled egg and peeled apple, and watermelon, and cantaloupe... oh and I'm pretty sure he's anointed with banana while my back was turned, and ignored that ever since as well.

He doesn't eat ANY treats! He either ignores them completely or spits them all over his quills and then ignores them completely! I would love to make homemade meatballs like I've heard of around here, but he doesn't eat meat anyway! Just kibble and worms, kibble and worms, kibble and worms :P

Fun stories though! When I tried chicken for the first time, I had only had him for a day or two. When he was anointing with it, I was holding him in my hand, and he was so preoccupied with spitting in his quills, I got to touch his soft white tummy fur and rub his cheek for the first time! I was pretty stoked

And, the time with the cilantro, he had a really gross shade of green stained on his quills for like a week, all the way until I gave him a bath
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