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Default Re: Meal Worm Care?

I also use carrots, just cut two one-inch pieces in half (so that I have four smaller pieces to put in the container). I put in the carrots every two days, not every day. For my container I just use an open, square tupperware container, a second one just like that for the beetles, and two smaller containers exactly like the ones you linked to for the aliens.

Also, I use just wheat bran for my bedding, not oatmeal. I stir it all up every day, generally, and once there is more frass than wheat bran, I just sift the whole thing through a sieve and pick out dead mealworms and gunky bits that don't go through the sieve with a plastic spoon.

Oh also: I find that sometimes it looks like the carrots are gone, but if I spoon through the bedding, I will find the leftover bits burried on the bottom. I guess they get dragged down by the mealworms. Anyway, good to do that, so that leftover carrots aren't sitting in the bedding somewhere.

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