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I'm not sure about those, I use carrots like Lilysmommy also. I find they hold their moisture better. If you have to use a potato sometimes you can fold a paper towel up under it and then remove both in the morning, just make sure to check for mealies that might have went into the folds. I usually offer something for night and then remove it in the morning and just do it more frequently. If the bedding is okay and it's just the frass you are wanting out you can mount a screen on a form and use it to separate. I put screen over the spot I cut out in the lid so that it's duel purpose and I can get the frass out easily. If the big pieces are messed up you can separate by hand into a clean container with new bedding, I use a plastic fork for this. It will take a little longer but saves the colony and not have to start from scratch. I've had to do it for over a thousand once and with my sifting method and plastic fork it was probably 30 minutes of work
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