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I don't think its bias when last this discussion came up it was more a focus on the factor of no being opinionated and trying to find common denominators and hence I wanted to survey people with experience on the subject however most have been very against doing it which is a bit disheartening as I'm just curious to hedgehog health and not telling people they need to switch however they look at it as I've fed this it works you can use it or not I don't need to provide ingredients and analysis thats your decision and job to do.

Its hard when I just want to benefit all hedgehog welfare that those who preach wanting the same are defensive against something however I do not take insult it is their choice and right. I will press forward to try to compile data to see if there are some foods which are most commonly used with little to no health issues through lineages and the like.

As it stands the old list is sufficient for now to provide a spectrum for hedgehog owners
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