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Default Uh-oh! First time owner needs help...

So I just got my Junie yesterday, and started holding her today. She seems pretty social, and although she will huff at me at first, she calms down and lets me stroke her, and she crawls on my lap. Anyways, towards the end of our cuddling session, Junebug bit me! Three times! None of the bites were hard, and didn't break the skin. However, it does concern me. Is it a vicious thing? I read that hedgehogs can bite if they smell something nice on you, and licking is a sign that they may do this. Well, Junie certainly licked me! Not right before the bite, but she was licking me almost the entire time she was on me. Also, I had been handling her food beforehand. She also started annointing herself while I was holding her. So, any opinions? Why did she bite me? And, either way, how do I stop her from doing it again? The little rascal. :P
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