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Default Re: Is there a secret to nail cutting that I don't know?

Roxie is a two person pedicure, ALWAYS. I did it one time alone and she was Soooo mad at me. Now it is just easier to wait for my husband to come home. Which ever one of us is feeling adventurous will hold her and try to get her to shake a footsie loose, then we latch it between our fingers (as easy as we can) and the other one clips. Some times it takes days. Tonight we lucked out. We got all 4 feet. That usually does not happen. But to watch us would make a great comedy, as we have to twist and contort ourselves to get to the footsie however we can. Tonight my hubby was almost on his head trying to see what he was doing while clipping.

We almost always soak her feet first and give them a swipe with a toothbrush to get the poopie off before we get started. It also helps to soften the nails and makes them clip easier (and they don't go flying across the room when they are softer).

This is about the only way we can get them clipped. Once we are done "nail stealing" she gets lots of love and treats.

I wish you good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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