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Default Re: Few questions...

Welcome Mum-Ra and trixie557 to HHC ^_^

He does not need any special needs. Albinos just lack pigment in their skin. They are perfectly able hogs ^_^

You can give cooked chicken (no seasoning), mealworms, crickets, watermelon, etc (just a few popular ones).

He sounds like he's bonded to you already! Sounds like a very special/friendly hedgie Most hedgies tend to take longer to bond, but sounds like you guys are well on your way for creating a strong bond!

Quills fall out once in a while (mostly when their babies). Some hedgehogs drop a few quills during seasonal change. Watch for quills growing back (if he has bald patches). If they're not growing back then he might have mites, which should be treated with Revolution.

It is always a good idea to take your hedgie to the vet ASAP. Perhaps a vet visit is in order ^_^

Good luck, and I hope you find this forum useful!

For other questions, please read the stickies on each topic, and download LizardGirl's book that LarryT has kindly linked you on your other thread
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