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crave4spikes 12-08-2014 01:26 AM

my hedgie is gaining weight fast
hi my Oscar was not eating at all for a few days and i finally got him eating again and switched his food when i weighed him while he wasn't eating he was 365 then after a day he was 390 and stayed there for a week and now hes 405 i just wanted to know what the acceptable weight for a 1 year 3 month old male hedgie is

this is the food i have been giving him it is off of the master list on this website


sc2001 12-08-2014 11:38 AM

There is no average weight for a hedgehog. But 405 is a good weight. My hedgehog is 460. If his weight continues to increase to an unhealthy level then it's time to do something. He may also be really excited about his food and eating more of it because he likes it.

Does your hedgehog run on a wheel regularly?

Do you feed insects?

DesireeM81 12-08-2014 11:59 AM

Also, how old is he? Hedgehogs go through growth spurts. You'll see massive growth before 6 months and then they continue to fill out up to a year.

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