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Kimura1 12-08-2014 12:55 AM

Newborn poop and pee?
Ok so I have no idea where to post this question so I though here might work. I am super curious. My hedgehog had a baby a little more than 3 weeks ago. Baby is super healthy and growing fast. Its already atleast half the size of mom. We dont clean out the nest as we try not to touch the nest at all. Bella is so good at being a mom and is not very nervous of our presence. So the baby was a huge surprise as we only got Bella about a month before she had the baby. Baby hasnt come out on her own yet and im super curious where she is pooping and peeing. I have never felt anything wet in the nest nor has there ever been poop in there. I know if momma is bad and you have to look after the baby you have to get it to go with a q tip on its belly. Does mom get the baby to go and eats it or destroys or burys it? It is strange that I have never seen baby size poops or wet spots anywhere. Mom uses litterbox very religiously. In not worried about the health or anything because both hedgies are doing awesome but where the heck is the babies dudies and stuff? Anyone know? Lol

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