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Free2Dream 04-10-2010 12:43 PM

Signs of an ear infection?
I decided to make a separate topic because my liver disease one was already way too long, LOL.

I bathed Annabelle last night and thought I was really careful not to get any soap or water into her ears. I dried her off and she fell asleep in my lap while I worked on a paper. Then she woke up and started scratching at her right ear. I've never seen her scratch before (except for when she had mites when I first got her) and thought it was odd. I put her back in her cage an hour later, and she scratched her right ear again. This morning when I took her out to tidy up her cage, I noticed that the fur around her ear was discolored; maybe with wax? Do you think this could be an ear infection? I tried to take a closer look but she was squirming and not cooperating, lol. Should I call the vet, or just watch it?

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