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Default Hedgehog Allergies

I got my hedgies from a petstore, They we're sneezing there and I didn't care I wanted them. Reguardless I have a vet appt set but my exotic vet doesnt even have an opening until next week. I have had the girls for about four days.

One sneezes much more than the other, She also has runny eyes.
How in the world do I get my hands on "liners"? I do plan on getting a new cage before spring when it starts warming up for them. But right now I personally think the aqarium is better as they are young and it is a little cold around here. What kind of bedding can I use until I get my new cage and can get liners? I am using Aspen, This is what the petstore reccomended. What should I use?

I have them in a TEMP cage, a 75 gallon aqarium. Its rather chilly in my room and I figured I would leave them in there until summer, With lights on top of their cage to ensure heat.

The "bigger one" is so scared, She wont even come out of her ball when we take her out. I feel for the little girl as she is so scared. Any good info on how to help her bond with me?
Her sister crawls all over me, poops on me, Goes up my shirt, All around loves me. But the other just can't quit poking, Poor girl is terrified.

I am feeding them mealworms here and there, fruits/veggies (they dont eat much) and hedgehog food mixed with another hedgehog food mixed with royal canine and science diet cat food, Is this a decent diet? If not please, Educate me.

I was sent to a persons page where I could download a caresheet, But I dont have ADOBE? So I cant upload it.

Is there anyway to tell their age? I was TOLD that their age was unknown, But they we're young. They guessed about 8 weeks old but didn't know much about hedgies.

Is there a difference between pygme hedies and regular ones? Anyone got a list of some pretty girly names?
My sugar gliders are ~ Lolli, Zombie, Star, Stella, Dozer, Nala, Meeko & Grandma. grandma is a recent rescue, I named her = ) ..

Also, Is it normal for them to sleep under their bedding? I bought them two large igloos and they don't go in there, They just find a spot and dig under the bedding. Does this mean anything? bad or good?
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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

You can buy fleece blankets from Target, or Walmart, etc... I think baby blankets work well. Or you can sew some fleece together yourself if you're crafty! I'm sure not.
The hedgie with the runny nose could be allergic to the dust in the aspen, or it could be a URI. Good thing you have a vet appt.

Be sure to make sure the cage is warm at night, hopefully you know to turn the lights off as hedgies are nocturnal and most won't come out if there's any light.

Also I'm assuming you're keeping them both in the same cage, just want to make sure you're providing them two of everything: hidey houses, two wheels, two food bowls, etc. And make sure they're both female!! Pet stores can be very wrong!

Some take a long time to warm up to you! She has every reason to be terrified right now, just be patient it took mine months before she warmed up to me.

Hedgehog food is not recommended here, Royal Canin is good, not sure about Science Diet, someone else will have to answer that. One hedgehog food shouldn't hurt as long as it's not the only food. I think it's ok to have in the mix-- but that depends on the hedgehog food. I forget which one, you'll have to search the site, but one is toxic, potentially deadly for hedgehogs.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell there age unless they go through quilling They might go through a second quilling if they're only 8 weeks old, that'll prove their young, at least. I got mine from a pet store too and was told she was 6 months, I'm not sure if I believe it. She may have been older.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

You have been helpful, Thank you!
So maybe a fleece blanket will work without loose strings? I use them and cut them up for my gliders to have small blankets in their pouches. So I can easily go get a few more.

I do have two of everything, But they seem to not really use anything. Not even the wheels! Im sure they will get used to them and learn to love them, Like my gliders have.
I do however only have one water bowl, I am using a bowl but already bought a large water bottle for their new cage. They are drinking fine.

Also, What kind of kitty litter should I use for their pan? I have fresh step but I havent used it. Simply because I read not too. I think it will cause them to get compacted? (I rescue cats and cant use it for kittens for that reason). Im excited about the vet visit, But it just seems so long away. I am using the same vet that I use for my sugar gliders.

Thank you for being so helpful, All suggestions are very much appriciated!

I cant put pictures of my hedgies yet because I got a new computer and cant connect pictures to it yet, I ordered my canon camera cd and have to wait for it to come in the mail. But you can enjoy a picture of my sugar glider Zombie? I sure love them.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

For the fleece blankets all you have to do it take the loose strings off and you can cut them down to size to if you want. For fleece fabric you can go to any place that sells fabric to find it, Walmart, Hancock fabric, Joanns ect. You can either sew some up with multi layers and make sure no exposed seams or loose threads or you can just cut them to size because fleece doesn't fray.

You'll also want to make sure that you have a thermometer to make sure the cage is staying around 75 degrees. Some like a degree or too cooler but most tend to like it 75 or warmer. Hibernation attempts can be fatal. When you look for a new cage the best option for cages would be a wire topped plastic bottom cage that has nothing in that they could climb on and that had more than 2 square feet (4 is better). I use a ferret nation and they work great but there is alot of other ones out there too that work good. You'll want to change the aquarium as soon as you can especially since they are showing respiratory symptoms. You may find too that its best to just house them seperatly to avoid the risks of eye pokes or fighting injuries.

From the symptoms you said it sounds like they may have URI's. Its good you are getting them to the vet cause small animals can take a turn quickly.

Congratulations on your new hedgies and hope they get to feeling better. The pic of your other animal is too cute
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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

From what you describe, I'd get them to a vet before next week. URI's can turn to pneumonia very quickly and babies can go down hill very quickly.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

Is there a difference between pygme hedies and regular ones?
No, there isn't and actually "pygmy" hedgehogs aren't pygmy at all. It's just a silly name people came up with since our pet hedgehogs (which are all the same "breed", hybrid) are smaller than european hedgehogs.

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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

I was sent to a persons page where I could download a caresheet, But I dont have ADOBE? So I cant upload it.
go to www.adobe.com on and right-side of webpage select Acrobat Reader. The website will see what version of operating system you have and offer for you to download the reader. It is free and a very safe website.

Your techy-hedgie,

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Default Re: Hedgehog Allergies

I called the vet and he said to call everyday, Most likely someone will cancel an appointment soon.
Or I can pay an extra $100 for an emergency visit. Im going to first try calling. = ) If it comes down to it I will make an emergency visit.

I got the fleece in there, They seem to really like it. Still sneezy though.

My Fiance also researched the hedgehogs, I found pygme ones for $250 each. I almost got one of those and he claimed that all hedgehogs are pretty much the same. Good thing, Honostly I didnt believe him.... But now I do! Thanks guys.

Kinda like people say "Teacup Dogs"? There are very few "tea cup" breeds many people just poorly inbreed and try to make an extra buck with the teacup part. Sheesh and I was almost a fool. I rescue dogs and cats as well and get them spayed/neutered/full medical and into homes! = )

You guys have been extreamly helpful! Thank you.
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