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jeewee2009 10-18-2009 02:24 PM

Vets - Not All Know About Hedgies
I just wanted to post to say that because hedgies are not common pets, not all vets know how to properly treat them so becareful. There are vets out there that will bluff their way through and put your hedgies health at risk in order to make money.

I took my sweet little Jasmine to Lynden Veterinary Hospital in Lynden, WA, because he had suddenly become ill. The vet kept him overnight for observation and to run tests. I do not think that these tests were ever run as we were not given any tests results nor told what tests were being run. The vet said he didn't know what was wrong with our little guy, then said it was a respitory disease and perscribed antibiotics.

Our sweet little bundle of quills passed away yesterday morning. My husband held him and told him how much we loved him as Jassy passed. When we noticed something was wrong, we called the vet and even though we told them it was an emergency, they let us languish on hold.

If you are in the Lynden, WA area, please please please do not take your hedgehog to Lynden Veterinary Hospital because it would break my heart again to see this happen to somebody else.

Hedgiepets 10-18-2009 03:13 PM

Re: Vets - Not All Know About Hedgies
I am sorry for your loss. At least, Jasmine, died in your loving hands.

It is always important to find a "good" "knowledgeable" vet before you purchase a hedgehog or at least as soon as you purchase your baby. Always ask the breeder you purchase from, what vets they recommend.

I learned from a bad experience with the Emergency Vets in town, that they are not good with breeding emergencies. Also, maybe your breeder can help with ideas for emergency care at home, for evenings or weekends, when the regular vet is not available. My vet has trained me on how to sub-q fluids. I keep fluids, prednisone and antibiotics on hand. Plus cans of A/D in case I need to syringe feed.

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