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Hedgielovers12 05-21-2020 03:34 AM

How do I feed a hedgehog with no teeth bugs?
My hedgehog doesn’t have many teeth left at all and she can’t chew on mealworms anymore, she can’t eat crickets at all, it’s her favorite to eat bugs but now a days they get ignored because she physically can not chew them, and when she does eat mealworms they don’t digest, they just come out while in her poop, she’s not getting any nutrients, so any suggestions on how I should feed her bugs from now on? Also I’m sorry if this is in the wrong topic, her teeth have just been a big health problems with her recently.

Ria 05-21-2020 04:05 AM

I assume with little teeth your crushing the biscuit up small or feeding a complete wet food so she can eat.

I would get a blender and blend the insects with the biscuit (crushing it in the process) or into the wet food you feed.

Kalandra 05-23-2020 10:42 AM

Do you by chance raise your own mealworms? If not, allow a few of the worms to pupate to larval stage. I have had a couple of completely toothless kids who couldn't chew worms or beetles but the larval stage worked great. They are soft bodied in that stage. Not sure why these worked, but I suspect that the little ridges in their body at this stage allowed the hedgehog to move the insect around and manage to actually chew them enough so that they could digest them. Waxworms and other insects would pass right through nearly undigested, but the larval stage mealworms were digested.

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