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abrilcf 08-11-2019 05:44 AM

Yellow spots on cheeks
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I’ve had my hedgehog for a year and recently she’s started to get flakey ears and yellow spots (pictures attached) on her cheeks. I know a lot of hedgehogs get flakey ears and I’m already treating them but I frankly don’t know what to do with the yellow spots. I’ve tried to take them off using q tips and toothbrushes but my hedgehog won’t let me touch her face. (Sorry the pictures are blurry she just won’t stop moving)

Kalandra 08-12-2019 10:21 AM

If its just dirt build up, try taking a warm wet wash cloth and using it to clean her face. It may take several days in a row to get any improvement, but quite often when you try to wipe their face with it, they will push against it to move your hand/clothe away from them. It often works enough to clean their face.

I often see this with those that anoint a lot as the froth/food will dry and cause some build up.

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