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gusanr14 03-24-2019 05:12 PM

Old Hedgehog?

My hedgehog has been acting differently from the past..
He is 4 years old. He is eating and drinking water but less than before.
He seems weaker than before.
I can't really explain very well so I am going to compare to elder human.
He seems very like old person right now. His walk is very slow and weak, he is mostly laying down other than when he is eating. He sometimes sleeps outside of his pouch but before, he always always slept inside the pouch and never elsewhere.

Is this something I have to get vet treatment for? or did he just age?
If he didn't eat or had bad fecal, I would suspect some illness but he has regular fecal and little less eating but still eating enough I believe.

Kalandra 03-24-2019 05:27 PM

If you are noticing behavior changes its time to seek a veterinary opinion. It could be old age, but it could some something that is treatable. Hedgehogs who are sick typically hide illness as long as they can. You may notice they don't run as often as they once did, then they may start to eat less, etc. its usually best to take them in just to rule out possibilities.

It could be old age, illness, or even arthritis is starting to creep up on him.

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