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Charlie only gets fleece strips in his house but it is a mixture of that and Pom poms. He has always burrowed to sleep. It has never been a problem. He has grass throughout the cage. I pull the grass out and hose it off and set it out to dry. It’s easy to keep clean.

I’m praying for our babies. I set up another vet appointment Saturday and I hope I get answers from that.
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That is so funny that you mention weight gain with Yuki with the Halo brand, as I had the exact same issue a few years ago with my boy. The issue for us was that I had him on the food meant for kittens even though my hedgie had stopped growing, so the extra calories turned right to fat. It got to the point where he couldn’t run on his wheel properly, which was not good. Switched him to the Halo Holisitic meant for elder cats, and he’s been at a happy, healthy weight ever since. I also began to grind his food up in a spice grinder for partially the same reason that you may have with Yuki’s cheek rubbing problem. Bits and pieces of food would get stuck between my boy’s cheeks and teeth, and he would rub his face along the bottom of his cage to try and dislodge it. Does Yuki exhibit this behavior not long after eating? This and other reasons are why he now gets mushy food stuff. We’re past the point where we’re trying to resolve any food/weight related issues, so I’m reluctant to make any changes now that we’re set and happy. This was about a year ago, so I hardly suspect it has anything to do with what’s currently going on.

As for the fleece, my baby has been on just fleece for about 2 of the 3 years that I’ve had him. We used carefresh throughout the whole cage at first, then just where he used his wheel for the bathroom with fleece laid out elsewhere. He prefers and enjoys burrowing under the fleece than to carefresh, so we made the switch to fleece completely. It’s super easy to clean, it helped with his dry skin, makes heath issues like this easier to spot, and - most importantly - it doesn’t aggrevate his privates. My vet recommended freezing his clean fleece in the freezer before putting it in the cage just in case this is a mite problem. I tried it out for this last cage clean up.

This week’s lost quill count is 40. About the same jump as last week’s. Still no balding, no patches, no unhealthy quills that lack a bulb. Nor are there any quills snapped in half. Woah. An odd symptom for sure, but one that definitely DOES sound like mites. Or maybe 2-3 months between baths may be too big of a gap between baths?

I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t just a natural anomoly? That my baby is just one of an (un)lucky group of hedgies that quill at an age that he normally shouldn’t? Because if he’s losing this many quills without patching or balding, then he MUST be growing them back, right? Or if this isn’t quilling, how is it that he can go on like this for almost 2 months with no other ailments but no sign if getting better? Very confusing.

Vet visit is in a few days. Will consult then and keep y’all up to date. Good luck to you and Charlie on your vet visit! And thank you again for sharing this mystery, I’m finding some relief in knowing that I’m not alone in this.

**For any moderators monitoring this thread, I wanted to take a moment to point out that while some bits our conversations have strayed from the original “Quill loss” discussion, it is for the best. As we are still trying to determine with each other and our vets why this is happening to our hedgies, trying to find a common factor such as food or environment may help narrow down a cause. As the op, I will say that I have found all additions to the conversation informative and helpful. Thank you.
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Hey just checking in and how your boy is doing now? Still losing quills? I hope it’s easing off.

Oh that is funny to hear we’ve had a similar situation. The adult halo 16% was enough to cause Yuki’s weight gain! He’s now losing weight steadily but I’m worried it will go the other way. I’m starting the raw food but with him being so fussy he hasn’t gone for it yet...

It’s also interesting to hear you grind his food. Do you add water to it too then as you mentioned he has mushy food. This is exactly what I’ve done with yuki for 2 years now. Sometimes I worry have i caused issues by doing it but he was so thin before I didn’t see any other option.

He does the face rubbing periodically every night. It seems more related to when he gets an erection lol. So not sure if it’s food or that but he does do it a lot! His low jaw on both sides is a little lumpy and he was diagnosed with gingivitis last fall. The vet has seen him 3 times since (twice for vomiting issue and checking quills) and every time says his gums don’t look as red so he’s happy. But from the outside it looks the same as it did whilst he had inflamed gums. I don’t know if it’s me just being paranoid or the vet not being that aware.

Can I ask what previous mouth issue your boy had or was it just the food getting stuck that was the main issue? Did his mouth look any different from the outside, like lumpy, or the inside of his lip would show a little pink skin? Also did he used to also salivate more when he had the mouth issue? Yuki seems to drool, like the fleece wil be damp where his mouth was lying on and he has a lot of saliva in his mouth plus bad breath which actually since he’s been back on meds (for the vomiting) I haven’t noticed as much so maybe it helped. Sorry I know it’s a bit off topic but I do worry it is all connected at least in Yuki’s situation. It’s helpful to know others situation to try see a pattern.

Well it’s good at least he is not balding or has any broken quills. I’d theyre growing through that’s a good sign. How did your last vet check up go?

Yuki is generally still losing approx 5-8 a week. But a few weeks ago he lost 13 quills in one week which is the most for him! I gave him a bath at the end of that week and he lost two that night whilst drying him. The following week the quill loss went back down to x5 so maybe the bath helped. I worry it stresses him out though but will try do it about every 2 months. We went back to the vets a little over a week ago as yuki vomited quite a lot of food (I’ve made a separate post about it). The vet checked his skin as I mentioned he had lost the 13 quills the previous week but he said his skin looks good and he doesn’t think it’s mites, perhaps stress causing it.

Let us know how your baby is doing and Charlie’s owner how is he doing too?

It definitely helps to share information and situations and just knowing that others are dealing with similar issues. Hoping all our babies get better soon! ♡

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