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EdithTheHedgie 07-18-2018 02:38 AM

What is this vomit? *Pics*
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Hello all!

My partner woke me up this morning as Edith had four piles of this type of vomit. It just looks like half digested food. Looking in her cage, she has eaten plenty (though suspect what she’s eaten, she has thrown up), plenty of water, was on her wheel, played with her toys etc. I woke her up just to check her over and she seemed fine - normal level of grumpy because I have woken her.

I messaged the breeder and she said Edith maybe ate too much? And as long as she is okay in herself there should be nothing to worry about. I’ll give her a proper check over tonight when I give her a bath.

Any ideas? (If commenting, just a disclaimer. I panic HUGELY, so please try and avoiding saying anything that may cause me to freak out aha! Unless you really think I need to know 😂)

autumnfox 07-18-2018 03:12 AM

Yes, she may have eaten too much or too fast. My girl has done the same. The best thing to do at this point is just monitor Edith for any changes in behavior or if she throws up again. If you notice these things, I would take her to the vet right away.

For now, I wouldn't worry too much :)

Yukidama's mama 07-18-2018 04:24 AM

I agree, she may have eaten too quickly or too much. My boy does it too but re-eats the vomit! Gross I know ><. Normally they'll be just one vomit patch though.

You could try checking the vomit and make sure nothing is in it. Sometimes I find undigested insect shells or bedding etc. nowadays if I find any sick it's in his litter tray in front of where he hops on the wheel so suggests maybe he's eaten too much and running a lot afterwards :/

Just monitor for now like autumnfox suggested. Watch her when she next eats and make sure she doesn't have any problems eating the food and eats the usual amount for her. If she can't keep her food down (starte to gag or vomit) or repeatedly vomits shortly afterwards i think you'll need to take her in or at least give them a call.

Not to panic you, but it might be worth reading over the choking post and what to do if it happens. It's always best to be prepared and everyone should read it. Just go to the forum tab and it will be under the Health Section > Health FAQs & Important Topics. They normally can sort themselves out and gag to make the food come up. I've seen my boy do it once but luckily I didn't have to intervene!

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