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QueenB's-momma 07-09-2018 10:47 PM

Comfort during tumor
On July 1st I noticed a large red lump on Beatrix, but being Sunday and Canada day, the vet was closed until Tuesday. When they saw her they said that it was more likely a tumor than an infection but couldn't know for sure without putting her under and taking a biopsy. Because she's already a small animal though and 4 years old, they warned me that it would be fairly risky putting her under any anesthetic. They also said that we could try antibiotics to see if it would do anything but at that time I said no thanks if they're fairly certain it's a tumor based on how it looks and feels.

Today (almost a week later) it seems to have grown and become more red and purple ish and I couldn't help thinking if it is somehow an infection how cruel it would be for me to not give her antibiotics. Her regular vet couldn't see her though so I went to a different one which was nice to get a second opinion anyways. She was able to get a syringe in to see if any pus came out but it was only blood so she concluded that it must be a tumor then. Based on where it's at too both vets have shared a concern in removing it. Both have agreed that if that's what I want to do though they would try their best but can't say the odds are in their favor.

So based around the facts that she may end up dying in surgery, they may be unable to get it off, and it may just come back, I've decided that the expense is not worth all of the risks and I would rather spend as much time with her right now as I can.

So now I'm just wondering how to make her as comfortable as possible leading up to her last days. Currently she is still very happy and acting normal, curious, eating drinking, running, pooping etc. It's only been within the last couple days she's shown any signs of the tumor hurting by not wanting to let me go near it anymore. I'm hoping she can continue to be as comfortable as possible and I'm just wondering if any other's who have gone through cancer and tumors in their hedgehogs have any advice on ways to make that happen. I just want to be able to feel like I can do something for her in this difficult time other than the occasional superworm

nikki 07-11-2018 10:26 AM

Has the vet given you any pain meds for her? If not I would call and try to get some. Since hedgehogs hide pain very well by the time we notice it's usually been going on for awhile.

QueenB's-momma 07-16-2018 11:35 PM

They didn't. They said to wait until she starts showing signs of pain but maybe I need to pressure them more for that. They said they'd just do steroids though and that it would only help very short term. Since we don't know how long she has it's hard to say if it'll be longer or shorter. She's still been eating and running and acting very happy so I assumed she wasn't in pain but if you say they hide it well then maybe... should I pressure the vet more?

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