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hollinac 06-07-2016 05:37 PM

Lump found!
Hey y'all!

I posted this is CnH too, just trying to get as many answers as possible :)

I took Nettles to the vet Saturday after noticing her eyes and face looking puffy, similar to what a person with a cold looks like. Just the sleepy look.
Then we noticed a lump on her left side under her ear at the vet. The vet took a sample and gave me an antibiotic. Vet said that she had eye discharge, but the antibiotic has helped that tremendously and she looks bright and happy.

She is eating like crazy, drinking, everything like that seems to be working normally. She is active and likes to be out of her cage and walking around.

Does this seem like cancer or just an inflamed lymph node?? The vet and pathologist are on edge but not totally sure... the vet said that if the lump goes down it's an infection, but if it doesn't then it's cancer.

Any help/advice/experience is greatly appreciated!

She has been perfectly healthy to this point and she will be 2 in two weeks! The vet even said she has the prettiest and healthiest mouth/teeth she's seen on a hedgehog. Just notes: she eats high quality food!

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