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Default Re: Important notice about taking advice

Thanks Larry.

Taking advice online can be very difficult. There are so many different opinions on how to do things, and so many different levels of experience. My suggestion is to use the advice you get here to help you continue your own research. Ask people if they have actually experienced the situation. And then use that information to continue your conversation with a veterinarian. Keep in mind there are no experts here. Each of us have had experiences with different situations.

I would like to also ask people who lend advice to be careful. If you haven't experienced a situation, stop and reconsider posting advice you have read elsewhere. We have seen far too many times key information lost in the translation. It can be difficult to recognize key pieces of information when you haven't encountered the situation before.

For example, I have limited baby experience. I don't reply to most baby postings because I don't have the experience to backup the advice. One minor detail left out and I may cause an entire litter to be cannibalized.

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