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Default Rescue postings - considerations before replying to threads

Guys I would like to ask that if you are not offering to take in a hedgehog, offering contact information to a rescue that you know is in the area, or in some way offering to help, please reconsider before posting to threads in the rescue section.

I have had numerous emails, PMs, and reports made to threads in this section lately. Some are from people who are trying to help; some are from people who have posted here. It is very frustrating to open a thread and have to weed through the I would love to take him in, but I dont have room/Im too far away, etc, or the Im sorry you have to do this. These types of postings are not helping the hedgehog find a home. In fact it can cause harm. Some threads are started here with hedgehogs that do not immediately need a new home, but situations can change quickly and that change in information can be easily overlooked by people who can help if there are a lot of extra posts.

Please, before posting to a rescue ad or even the for sale ads, ask yourself if your post is helping the hedgehog.

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