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Default Constipation, old hedgie

My 3 year old hedgie Haine has been constipated on and off for a bit, but it's been every night for the last week, week and a half. I thought it might be because she occasionally eats her paper bedding (I have fleece bedding coming in the mail to fix that), but since it's happening every night and I don't think she's eating THAT much bedding, I'm wondering if it's her food? I've been feeding her Rachel Ray Nutrish chicken and rice flavored cat food since I got her a year and a half ago since that was what her previous owner fed her and it seemed decent and she likes it. But since she's older now, does she need special cat food for older animals? I know cats and dogs can't eat the same things when they get older and Haine is approaching old age, so I was wondering if hedgehogs also need a special diet at this age? She still eats most of her food, but she isn't pooping as much and has trouble when she does. I'm thinking about calling my vet, but since she's otherwise fine I thought I'd see if anyone here could give me any insight first. Thanks!
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