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Originally Posted by Spiky_Floof<3 View Post
Kids at your school sell worms? XD
Yes they do &#x1f602; it’s a big thing in the summer. Everyone wants silkworms for the pretty silk they weave.

Originally Posted by Ria View Post
They can bite you know. They just don't because theres no reason to. Crickets can bite if they want to too.&#x1f602; How do you think they eat? Biting. they just fancy human&#x1f602;

Wait really?! I seriously didn’t know that. Well then, they’re docile &#x1f602; I’ve never been bitten, nor has Igor, so that’s great.
Crickets are quick though! Igor struggles catching them &#x1f602; he isn’t the best hunter hog in the world.
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