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Default Hedgehog or Cavapoo dog

Hello! I have gotten most of the supplies for a hedgehog. All I need is bedding, heating and wheels. But this afternoon it was proposed to the family that instead of a pet hedgehog for myself the family could have a cavapoo dog. It is NOT a option to have both. My two favorite animals are cavapoo dogs and hedgehogs. The choice has been set to me. We travel some over the summer, and cavapoo's are known to get separation anxiety. But if I got a hedgehog the rest of my family would not get to cherish the pet as much. Either way, I would disappoint someone in my family. We also have two cats, so that is something to consider. Everyone in my family except one person is gone for the majority of the day. The one person works from home. This is a very hard choice for me to make and I would love if anyone could give some opinions, advice, and encouragement.
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