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Default Is the way I keep my hedgehogs weird?

So, hi.
I'm a hedgehog owner of 2 little balls of spikes in Thailand, a country that can get very hot. So I take care of my hedgehogs quite differently. Firstly, they don't live in cages. It turns out that they really like to climb out of the cages at night, and I really didn't want them doing that. So now, what I do is I let them run in my room at night. I lay down mats and put out food and water and tun on the aircon for them (24-26 degrees usually) and some play toys and clean it all up every morning. They have little huts that they retreat to every morning and sleep in before coming out to play again.

I'm just wondering, is that a weird/acceptable way to care for them? I just feel like its much different than what I see other people do, and I just want my hedgehogs to be happy and I wanted to hear other opinions on the way I do things and if it's okay. I've been doing this for a year, and I think my hedgehogs prefer not living in cages Other than how they're kept, I mostly care for my hedgehogs like any other owner, giving them a balanced diet with some treats at times, trying to give them toys (however they seem to not really play with them). I also try my best to keep them as cool as possible.
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