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I have to agree with both mecki and the admin (the one you call bitch - I looked on through to see), paragraphs really help to make it more readable.

I honestly got very lost reading it - no offence I'm not trying to bitch, or give a grammer lesson, I have problems reading long posts with paragraphs anyway, so this is very difficult for me.
I can help but would appreciate if your reply was broke up into paragraphs to make it easier.

If I miss anything I'm sorry but I can't go back to check I have answered everything.

All hedgehog food is rubbish to put it blunt. Hedgehog food is full of fillers, and theres no meat in them. Honestly your a lot better with a mix of good quality cat biscuit. Its your hedgehog, so really your choice, but I would advice to stick with the cat biscuit.

The nails curling, my girls has a similar issues the front paw nails seem to just grow curling, and its a real pain I have to agree. Makes cutting then hard. So I brought a small nail file, and I just file them down to keep them short, be careful not to touch the skin and only touch the nails. But its a lot easier for keeping those front paw nails down.

If he is overweight, theres a few things you can do to help.
You said he doesn't like running on his wheel? Did you ever look to see if there may have been a reason why? Like maybe it tilted forward a bit to much so he didnt like it, or it wasnt a big enough surface for him - although most like 12" some, especially bigger hogs, prefer a little bigger.

The fat content of the food, I personally would stick to a 12-13% fat for a low active hog which he sounds like he is. What's the fat content of the food?

Unused carbs get turned into fat.
If theres a lot of carbs of the food, that he isnt using, then it will make him overweight.
As an example a food from the brand Applaws has 80% animal products, which means there will be very few carbs.
A food from the brand james well beloved has about 30% animal products, meaning theres likely to be more carbs in the diet.
This alone can create a fairly big change.
Whats this like in the food you have?

You also have to consider how much they eat, to how active they are. Like with all animals eating too much and not doing the activity to match will make them become overweight.
How much do you feed? How much does he eat?
This includes you biscuit, and any extras like wet meat, cooked meat, pet grad raw meat, egg, insects ect.
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