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Originally Posted by Clintonhipfner View Post
And last time I wrote here I had someone bitch me out cause I didn't paragraph my thing honestly if you have A problem with that don't bother mentioning it I'm here for my hedgehog not A grammar lesson. I don't need your negativity and I haven't done proper paragrahing since I was in grade 7. with technology I've totale like lost that useless skill..
Correcting someone's grammar is one thing. Suggesting that the post is readable is both valid and apparently necessary.

I suggest you go back and try to read your own post -- seriously... see just how difficult it is to read and follow. Normally it is quite easy to read one's own writing because you already know what is written. But I'd suspect that even you, as the writer, would have a hard time reading it without crossing lines (and if you are willing to be truly honest).

Paragraphs are not useless. They keep thoughts separated so the reader can digest what is written.

It's great that you are seeking advice. But by making a post difficult to read, it encourages those who may have great advice to just skip or ignore your post. It can just be too much effort to sift through rambling thoughts.

It is my sincere hope that you will give my post the same consideration that you expect others to give yours. Paragraphs make a post much more readable and that translates to more replies and more suggestions. Ultimately, by using paragraphs, you are helping yourself -- a win-win for both readers and yourself.
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