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Default Obese hedgehog. ONLY ate kibble his whole life he's a cute little bowling ball but it

Hello first time I've posted on here in a long time. My hedgie, Baby Boy is the pickiest eater I've ever come across. Haha he doesn't like anything I've tryed giving to him although I think one time he annointed a small piece of banana all over him but he just wanted the taste/smell of it haha. He only likes his kibble and sleep won't touch a meal worm and I've tryed freeze dried and live cause my little olyve whom just had to be put down recently due to cancer, just loved them. He's basically polar opposite to olyve haha lol he doesn't wheel(didn't wheel when he was smaller either) he doesn't do any fun hedgehog things his favorite game is tug o war. And it's not really the best hedgie game, because he eventually gets my fingers haha.. And now he likes to chew on stuff which is also fine ahha he hasto like something haha. Okay so now to why I'm here. He recently came down with an ear infection.. And it's actually in both ears so while I was in the vet getting him the proper drops I was recommended to change his food to this Mizuri hedgehog diet due to it being a much more suitable diet. From what I can tell cause I don't think this tauff was around a few years ago.. It looks to be pretty good but I want to make sure it's a good fit for him.. Basically he was on blue Buffalo grain free chicken and rice.. For the longest time but I think they switched the recipe about a year ago his poops well both of there poops changed to very mushy and stinky they were no longer the nice hard poops. And it seemed to get stuck in his bottom alot more.. So I changed him to a organic cat food diet called Nutro wholesome essentials. Seemed to have good protein to fat content.. And the lady at the pet store also fed her hedgehogs the same thing.. Anyways and that's what he's been on since... He's actually had quite a few diff ailments tho he's had 2 ingrown nails one on both index toes on both front paws and I swear it's not due to not cutting them intime, his nails curl down I have a pic that u can really see it in. And due to this it's very hard to cut them without hitting the quick.. So I badcially hafto wait till there at the perfect length to get them but any longer and they go into his paw.. And yah 2 separate times this has happened the first time I took him to the vet and the second time it wasn't as serious I was able to get the nail out and it didn't balloon out like the first time so I monitored it and it got better but now he doesn't have a nail on either index toe on his front paw. Then with his ear infection here the Vet believes due to his obesity it has really narrowed his ear canal and basically made it the most opertune spot for bacteria to grow. Or its due to the inflammation but we won't know until the antibiotic, antifungal, anti inflammatory drops I have start to do there thing.. We had a culture down and there currently growing it so that they know forsure this is the best suited drops for his ears and then if this ever happens again they will know how to treat it.. But yah so my poor little guy (well big guy) so with diet and alot more excersize.. He doesn't like excersize that Much but now he's getting Atleast an hour a day of straight excersize.. He likes to walk to around the house. Also due to his extra skin he has problem with his anus holding part of his poops so I'm currently working on keeping that as clean as possible giving him a a foot bath then making sure he's got all those extra lil turds out and then I dry em and put his bottom in corn starch
Just to make sure it's as dry as possible and to possible help keep the poops off of it. Sorry about the huge write up. And last time I wrote here I had someone *** me out cause I didn't paragraph my thing honestly if you have A problem with that don't bother mentioning it I'm here for my hedgehog not A grammar lesson. I don't need your negativity and I haven't done proper paragrahing since I was in grade 7. with technology I've totale like lost that useless skill..

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