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In you seal the wood where it joins on the base with aquarium sealant, line the floor and walls with fablon (its like sticky back plastic - b&q sell it as does homebase you can also do a google search and find it online - you can get clear coloured, patterned ones!) It makes the wood protected, and easy to clean as you can just wipe it down.

If you have a food in the mix that contains yucca the poo shouldn't smell terrible!
If you clean the wheel daily and have a litter tray with cat litter or you can use kaytee clean and cosy bedding, and litter pick daily changing completely weekly the smell is never really bad.

With vivarium people find that loose bedding is better so like finacard is most used comes in huge bales and will last a few months!

You can clean it weekly or every 2 weeks depending how messy your hog is and you can use something like white wine vinegar mixed with water in a 50/50 mix. Some use vivaraium cleaners.
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