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Originally Posted by Ria View Post
What about a 4ft reptile vivarium? It blends into the living style more than a cage, and even if you still cant have that inside the house it holds the heat better so would be better for a colder area like your planning to - use a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) with a thermostat to control. For the heating of the enclosure

I know some who dont keep their hogs in cages but just use something that closes them off to a set space but they are still sorta free. Its not a cage.

Live insects have more nutrition, dried, freeze dried and canned have lost a lot of nutrition making then fine for occasional treats but not suitable as the main source of insects.
Dried insects also cause blockages if given too many.
I just showed my mum pictures of vivariums and I asked her if she'd allow that inside the house and she still said no, but I definitely think that'd be a great idea if I keep him/her in the office since, as you said, it would hold the heat better, plus it wouldn't allow for climbing which is an added bonus. The only concern I have about that is that it could smell a lot worse but that wouldn't be too much of an issue since my dad barely uses his office anyway. (He only even goes in there to print documents and to keep his laptop in there.)

Thank you for all your help, I really am grateful!
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