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Originally Posted by Emc View Post
If it's not connected to the heating it may be difficult to keep warm enough with even a room heater - especially in winter; i'd recommend testing it before you actually get the hedgehog, just to certain, especially if your parents don't want the hedgehog indoors.

Additionally, hedgehogs are nocturnal; you must be willing to go out to the office when the hog is awake, to let them out for some exercise outside of their enclosure - this is one of the main reasons I prefer having mine in my bedroom, but to each their own.

If your mother is anti-having the hog in the house, make sure that she is absolutely fine with you buying & keeping insects to feed the hedgehog. They *need* live insects (not dried, or canned!) and they need a variety of them at that; typically it is recommended that you have at least 5 different types.
She's fine with that, as long as I keep them somewhere secure, the thing she's against is any animals (except for our dog) living in the house. I'd be able to bring the hedgehog inside for an hour or two every day to bond, interact and exercise, she just doesn't like cages in there.

I understand I have to feed live insects and that is something I am prepared to do, but I'm curious as to why. What's the difference?

Thank you for your help!
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