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Default Is this a suitable place to keep a hedgehog cage??

I'm considering a hedgehog, but my parents said I'm not allowed to keep it in my room (my mum is a clean freak).

My dad has an office attached to our garage, would that be a suitable place to keep the cage? Unlike the actual garage, the office has windows and is very clean (I wouldn't say our garage is dirty, but not so much as the office) however, like the garage, it does not have built in heating. There are multiple power outlets for heaters, but is that adequate?

(Just to be clear, if this is OK and I were to get a hedgehog, I'd check on it multiple times a day, probably when I wake up, just before I leave for school, when I get home, a few times through the evening and then before I go to bed. I could even get a baby monitor to check on things while I'm at school, and if it got particularly cold then I'm sure I'd be allowed to bring them inside for a few days.)

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