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Default Re-socializing (!Please Help!)

My hedgie is around 1 1/2 - 2 years. She has always been really grumpy, and has always bitten me (I washed my hands, so I do t know why she did it other than to be put back. Which I’ve stopped doing in response). Last year I got a new pet which took a lot of attention, I still made time for her-just not as much. Then during fall I fell into a bad depression, and didn’t get her out much (I continued to give her my best care and always make sure everything was ok with her). I have recently been getting better, and now get her out more. But it take her about 10mins to finally un-ball, and then she just keeps trying to run from me, and bite me almost every chance (I now pick her up when she bites me, and only put her back once she’s let me kiss her. To try to undo the biting=cage mentality).

I know that she has not spent a lot of time with me, so that’s why she’s reverted. But I don’t know what I can do to try and get her to tolerate/love me. Any Info/tips would be greatly appreciated. She is housed right next to my bed so she saw/smelled/heard me everyday, and I always said goodbye and I love you. I know she can’t understand, but I hope it gives her some comfort. Please no hate, I didn’t socialize her as much as I should have, but I continued to give her the very best care, and unlimited love.
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