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Originally Posted by Kalandra View Post
Other than not wheeling, I got the impression he's not very active normally? If that is the case, some things you can also consider (not necessarily anything that will fix the issue, but throwing them out here in case something pops).... Do you find evidence that he is exploring his cage at night? What is your lighting setup for him? What is the temperature of his cage? How dark is the room he lives in at night?

I ask these as sometimes we find that a temperature issue can cause them to not be as active. Perhaps its good enough to not cause hibernation attempts but still too low. Or it could be too high (depending on where you live).

Lighting can cause issues too. Not enough light during the day, or even too much light during the evening hours. I once had one that stopped running due to a night light that was on at the far end of the house. It didn't light up the room she was in other than casting some light in the hallway.

I know he travels around the cage at night due to where he is when I check on him in the morning, new poop in the corner he always goes to the bathroom in, and his food dragged around. Right now I do not have a heating lamp since I keep my thermostat at 75/76; however, I just purchased one to see if it makes a difference! I had just been under the assumption that since the house was well within the range suggested, that he wouldn't really need one. Maybe the heating lamp will make a difference for him.

As for lighting, he is near a window so he gets indirect light during the day and no light at night (we close the blinds in that room at night).

Thanks for the input! I am excited to see if maybe this heat lamp will make a difference for him. I do believe he likes it on the toastier side.
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