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Question Won't Use Wheel

Hi Everyone!

I am new to the group, and fairly new to owning a hedgehog! I got Norman four months ago, and he is currently nine months old. When I first got him, I made sure he had a large exercise wheel in his enclosure; however, he never uses it. The wheel has two little holes on the backside, and I monitor their position to see if they move.

About a month into having Norman, I started to grow worried that he was not active enough. I tried to show him how to use the wheel by spinning it without him on it and simply placing him on it. He wanted nothing to do with it, so I eventually gave up.

Should I be concerned he does not use it? He has a decent sized enclose he could run around (4 ft x 2.5 ft); though, he never seems to do anything other than sleep, poop, and eat.

I am wondering if anyone else has a very low energy/ inactive hedgehog! Upon visiting his veterinarian, all was reported well at 7 months.

I appreciate any input! Thank you!
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