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Default US Cage Recommendations

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone's been doing well! My Hedgie, Spike, is now 6 months old and thriving. He is my everything <3 ... I love him so much. The past 6 months have been amazing. He's moody but sweet. I've never seen a more active Hedgie in all the 3,435,383 million videos of Hedghogs I've watched He seriously seems like in an urgent need to be constantly on the move...sniffing, exploring, hiding, and being a clown. I love watching him explore so much.

Anyway. I'm sensing the cage I have for him (critter nation) is getting to small for his activity level. It's a modified cage so the wiring is not an issue. I want to get him something bigger (or perhaps a second critter nation cage adjacent to his existing one.

For those in the US, can you please recommend cages *with links if possible* that are large? Money is not an issue. I've found someone who can build custom cages and I may hire him. But I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for something large, safe, and available for sale in the US. I know about C&C cages. I've also searched Google nonstop for hours, so I know most of what's out there. I'm mostly just hoping one of you knows of a resource that isn't commonly available/seen online for cages in the US.

Thank you everyone!
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