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Holly is really tame, she hates being on her back, which is common for a lot of hogs.

I can stroke her face sometimes though, not all the time and she lets me know when she has had enough ect, I can also stroke the tips of her ears sometimes, this depends on her mood and I can neverrr do both at the same time. But it always depends on her, some weeks she wants it more days in the week and other times she may go a whole week not wanting it, some days she will happily lay there for a good 2 mins just with her face being stroked, and then other days it only lasts a few seconds not even a minute.

It all depends on the hedgehog. Some don't mind it and like it, but others hate it and won't enjoy it at all. A bit like with everything they are all totally different

Also I agree with you emc it does a look a bit like that and I'm sure there may be something with the majority who like it being male!
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