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Originally Posted by Ria View Post
Can you touch his feet without him caring? You could let him fall asleep under a blanket, then when he sticks a leg out gently hold it so you can cut the nails, hold it tight enough her cant pull away otherwise you wont get it.

With Holly I pretend I am just filing her nails and then cut the nails. I have no idea why but she is so much more relaxed with filing her nails than cutting them.

Also could try with one person holding him a position where he is relaxed and comfy, and then the other person can cut the nails
I do this with Holly when my mum isnt busy and it really helps to keep her calmer.

Thank you for the response! He doesn’t let me near his feet at all. And if he falls sleep on me his feet are tucked. He trusts me a lot more than when I first got him but so far the feet are a no go. I live alone so it’s hard to find another person comfortable with him.
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