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Default Help please!

I’ve had Poki for a little shy of 3 years now. She’s about 3 herself. I went to give her some love in her cage today as I usually do. She was on her wheel and stopped. When I put my hand near her she was puffed up then she smelled me and calmed down as usual. She then bite my finger so hard that I had to pull my finger out of her mouth because she would not let go. It was dark in her room but I don’t think that’s a reason why she would do this since they have little eyesight and go off smell anyhow. She had already had dinner (chopped apples and a little ham) she doesn’t normally eat that but I wanted to give her a little treat. She seems to be kind of “coughing” not making any noise but her body will kinda jolt like it’s a cough. My husband says it looks like she’s just smelling but I have never seen her do that. There is not ANY reliable vets around here that have experience with hedgehogs. The last one I took her to was my last straw as they didn’t even know they took warm baths. Any suggestions on the sudden aggression? Thank you.
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