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Default First Vet Apt!!!

Today was my little baby very first full annual check up at the vet. It went amazing! I’m lucky enough to have found an exotic animal expert with 20yrs of practice. Ears, paws, quills, teeth, gum, heart, mouth...the whole nine yard and he’s a 100% HEALTHY HOG!!!! Which I’m VERY relieved about woot. He had to be sedated tho and I was a little bit afraid of it not gonna lie. The vet just told me he’s gonna pee a lot for the next 24hrs lol.
The one minor issue he advised me to watch out for tho, is that he is a tiny bit overweight (550grs) so he suggested I reduce the amount of kibbles (which is no more than like 30 pieces a day) or switch to a more diet type. Any advices?
I’m in Canada and using the Boreal grain free brand

Thanks 🙂
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