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I only had a 50W to test, and it certainly didnt compare to the power of a 150W but thats not surprising. I believe the 50W is supposed to have the same power of a 100W, so it'd be better suited to someone using a wooden viv (Coco has a C&C cage, so needs a higher wattage bulb).

I absolutely love the deep heat projector for my Leo, and I'm sure it could replace a CHE easily in an enclosed set up (like a viv, or just enclosed enclosure in general). It's just I recently forked out close to €500 as Co was diagnosed with mammary cancer, and needs a implant replaced annually thats €120 a pop - so i just cant justify forking out the money for DHP that may not work for my particular set up, so i havent bought one as a result.

If you have the right style enclosure, i honestly see no reason for why it wouldnt work. I think it's just better suited to viv-style set ups, personally.
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